Just a “stupid” question from my side; is it possible to use a blender instead of a food processor? The primary differences between this recipe and my previous attempts are that I start with dry chickpeas, and instead of baking, they’re pan-fried – two improvements I believe make all the difference. Bake until golden all over, 10 to 15 minutes on each side. I googled: 15 oz can are 9.5 oz drained, which is 2 cups of cooked/drained garbanzos. Yes, I’m sure you could just saute them but they don’t get very dry/crispy. Jul 19, 2016 - Easy, 10-ingredient falafel made with chickpeas and seasoned with parsley, cumin, and garlic. Thank you for your speedy reply. This is delicious! Will make again yummy. Or maybe your parsley was bitter….did you go ahead and cook it? This was the first time I’d made successful falafels! We ate them with a yogurt dill sauce since we weren’t worried about making sure the meal was vegan. Thank goodness I moved to Seattle and live across the street from a grocery store. You have to have a light hand if you’re pan-frying them, because the true danger of crumbling comes in the flip. You fry and bake or just bake for 40 minutes? Have a question? Fresh It does deepen the flavors when it’s cooked. I also halved the amount of parsley and used regular, all-purpose flour instead of walnuts, etc., and it worked perfectly. Yeah it was crumbly but the flavor and crispness can’t be beat. Thanks! Let us know if you give these a try, Elyse! They aren’t as good, but yes it works! We actually don’t even cook the chickpeas all the way through. These were so good and relatively easy! I am a new fan and will be trying other recipes of yours, Dana. Hi Ali! These sound great! Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! Very flavorful. I had never made falafel before, but have now tried this recipe a few times, and I love it. Thank you. You can add two but I ask for three, because obviously. Best falafel recipe I’ve ever tried. About two cups loosely packed. I had the same issue and wished I had given the foil a light coating of non-stick or olive oil. They weren’t as good as the fresh ones, but still good. Jun 20, 2019 - 10-ingredient, classic vegan falafel - gluten-free and pan-fried to perfection! ? A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! before its pan fried) to save for later? i know i’m late to this awesome post, but is there a substitute for the nuts? Thanks in advance. Thanks lady. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Jul 12, 2018 - An easy, healthy take on falafel with wholesome black beans, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and garlic. I’m wondering if you think adding a flax egg would help? They where lovely and moist not wet they shaped well and cooked very well my family loved them and I will be making them again! I’m only upset I didn’t make more! Add collard greens, chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, cumin, and a healthy pinch each salt and … I made this recipe last night and it seems to disintegrate even if there’s only a thin layer of oil. I made the falafels exactly according to your recipe and the taste was reaaally great! They’re: Savory I reduced the garlic down to 3 cloves and I increased the cayenne a bit. Check out this tutorial! Thanks! Blended till it was green mush but I didnt keep the chickpeas in long. I will absolute make these again, and I have no reason to try another falafel recipe! Thanks! ella, So in love! or a way to blend the parsley, garlic, lemon juice step without a food processor? WOW…I made these tonight. the taste was excellent and i have pictures but obviously not the best, a little crumbly. We have only tried baking ones that had already been pan-fried and frozen. Thanks so much for sharing! Since then, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean have become two of my absolute favorite cuisines. :), Quite a large part of the Middle East lies on the Mediterranean shore (Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt), so Middle Eastern can be Mediterranean as well. Those looking for a deeper dive into the much-debated history of falafel can find more information here and here. They turn out firm and slightly moist on the inside, but not uncooked. Forming the balls was really easy, but when I flipped them, they couldn’t hold the shape. Do you know what was in the sauce that came with the falfel? thank you for sharing, the falafel look very yummy! The key is to press the patties between your hands firmly, but not TOO firmly–you don’t want the dough to be too compact, making them dry and hockey-puck-ish, but they obviously have to hold together (refrigerating or even freezing for a short time can help the moisture absorb a bit and facilitates forming the patties in my experience). Hi Nathalie, sorry to hear this recipe didn’t work out for you! xoxo. My go-to has been the gomasio salad with falafel. Feb 7, 2015 - Baked Falafel Burgers, a food drink post from the blog Minimalist Baker on Bloglovin’ These look amazing! I had it with the garlic tahini sauce from this site and garlic naan BC it’s my birthday and I love naan, lol ❤ Thank you! :) Can’t wait to try it out. Made these tonight and they were absolutely delish! From, If you want next time add a little less garlic! You are an amazing cook. Wish I had oiled my foil as they got a bit stuck but they had a great texture and a good taste. I just made this recipe and it turned out beautifully. Can you freeze the falafel before you pan fry them and defrost and pan fry when needed? I bought a food processor for this because I loved it so much! Made lots of falafel but always fried in oil so very keen to try a baked method for them. Cheers, friends! They’re also baked for a healthier touch, though I do prefer giving them a little sauté beforehand to form an extra crust on the outside. Love love love this recipe! Chickpeas don’t fair well with me. The spices were perfect! Ur awessym resipe iz sooooo yumy I luv me sum mediteanium sausage. 10 / 67g left. My primary problem with other falafel recipes I’ve made before is that the patties fall apart easily, but these were very sturdy. They were absolutely delicious. I’ve since improved upon my falafel methods and highly recommend this recipe! I have tried to read through all of the comments but a few suggestions would be helpful…how well do these freeze after preparing? It’s super helpful to us and other readers :D. I have not made this yet but saw another similar recipe with oat flour added. – so I took all the strength in me and delivered the rest to the family table. This is perfect, great lemon and parsley flavor than bode well with the cumin. It tastes good but the burgers fell apart what can I add to keep the ingredients together. How many falafel recipes can one person have on their blog? I also have a hard time digesting chickpeas unless they’ve been cooked for a long time (like in chili), so this is how I always make my falafel. I’ll be trying the recipe again because I mixed up a few steps, like sauteing the burgers before freezing for 15 minutes. 180 Cal. There’s something so substantial about a burger, and the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine lend themselves perfectly to toppings and sauces galore. This is the best ever falafel recipe I’ve ever made! To freeze, pan fry falafel and let cool. Mix to combine thoroughly, scraping down sides as needed. Whole family loved. Excellent with hummus and/or tzatziki. The pan searing (a must in my opinion) is tricky, but can be done with non-stick, then into a silpat lined baking tray for the full 40 minutes. I made them exactly as directed. I’m wheat-free and vegetarian, leaning more and more plant-based. I absolutely loved this recipe, It was my first time making falafel. Typically that means they need additional flour as it acts as a binder. Delicious recipe and surprisingly easy to make. Thanks for the kind words, Victoria. Admittedly, l eyeballed the measurements, but l added all the above ingredients until l achieved a lovely clingy texture. I thought the timing for ‘cooking’ the beans was incorrect & cooked my dry garbanzo beans. Add chickpeas and pulse until incorporated but still slightly chunky. Thanks for sharing, Hans! It helps the falafel stay more firm and hold together :D. I have never made “real” falafels before. Thanks for sharing! Do you grind some of the garbanzos more so they act as a binder? I think the lack of parsely made the batter a little dry but I added an egg and that fixed the problem! I was amazed at how well they held together. Did you make any modifications? Apr 20, 2016 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! I just made these falafel today and was disappointed with the texture of them. The taste was good, at least. They tend to have the best texture. SO GOOD! I’m partly of Lebanese descent so I’m no stranger to Middle Eastern food. Nov 3, 2015 - Easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with canned chickpeas, parsley, cumin, and garlic. Baked Falafel Patties . It mixed up beautifully in the Vitamix, now it’s in the fridge melding its flavors. The flafels came out awesome. Thank you for this amazing recipe! My little guy is grain free… is there a way to omit the oat grain flour? Let us know if you give it a try! Serve on pita, greens, or a salad! I ended up baking the falafel at 375F for ~30 minutes, flipping halfway through so that both sides would brown. These were amazing!!! And what quantity? Hi Jordan, the nutrition info is for 1 burger calculated with the lesser amount of walnuts. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Is it possible to get this recipe? Hi Rachael, we think larger discs would work! Why didn’t i think of the Vitamix in the first place! These were dreamy, crisp and sturdy. HEALTHY FALAFELS!!!! Once the bottom side is browned, flip gently as they can be fragile. I would still highly recommend pan-frying, but if you want to bake them, I’d suggest 15-20 minutes at 400-425 F. Spray them with a little cooking oil for crispness. Anyway these were awesome, thanks again, and I absolutely love your blog! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I recommend sauteing these briefly in a “little” oil for that nice crust (as noted), but they mostly get their crispness from baking! It forces me to randomnly respond away from the intended comment I’m directing my post. It sounds like they ended up a little too dry. Take a picture and tag it #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see! Serve warm with garlic-dill … Hello! These look wonderful! I could totally get my meat loving husband on board with these and that garlic dill sauce sounds crazy good! 180 / 2,000 cal left. Yum! Log Food. I need to try your recipe(s) Asap!! Hello Dana, would this recipe be suitable to bake in the oven rather than frying? Add rinsed and drained chickpeas to the baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until slightly cracked and dried out. We’ve been exploring our new Portland neighborhood for about a month now, and we’re getting to know our favorite food spots (very important on our list of priorities). They definitely shouldn’t fall apart. Now that I’ve had this falafel a few times, I’ve studied its flavors and texture and was convinced it was time to up my falafel game. Some would say it’s a quintessential Israeli food, while Palestinians claim its Arab roots, and still others claim it originated in Egypt, Lebanon, or Yemen. I split the mixture into 2 batches when putting it in the blender. Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! to clarify any burger suggestions only using chick peas she does not care for black beans. Paired with roasted tahini humus, my guests couldn’t believe I made these myself. OPTIONAL STEP: For a little extra crust on the outside, before baking heat a large skillet over medium to medium-high heat and add 2 Tbsp olive or avocado oil. Thank you! For a more traditional version of falafel, check out this recipe from Tori Avey, or this recipe from The Kat Chef. I don’t believe this would hold up well to grilling, but once baked and refrigerated, do you think it is something that could be reheated on the grill? I guess I should have trusted my instinct on that one. Why must u bake these garbonzo bean burgers so long when the beans are already cooked? I made them tonight for dinner and they were delicious!!!! Made these tonight! These reheat nicely making them perfect for lunch ;D. Yum! I think this is as good as my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. my ending up turning out green,lol. Crusty on the outside Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! I prepared fresh garbanzos today, and then used teff flour and cooked them in an avocado oil greased muffin pan. Second – I didn’t see any freshly squeezed lemon juice in your Tahini recipe – really an essential ingredient, in my opinion. I will probably try them again but will need to use 1/2 tsp salt. Only boil one minute and leave 1 hour? Check out this tutorial! Can’t seem to find dry at any of my local stores! While we claim no expertise on the origins of falafel, we do know we absolutely love its crispy texture and rich flavor. Serve on pita, greens, or a salad! Hi LeeAnn! I want to preface this with how much I love you blog. Absolutely amazing! The bread is always too much for me. I’d recommend using more oil and cooking them for a bit longer! They weren’t as good as the fresh ones, but still good. Such delicious little nuggets of goodness! This is definitely going to become my go-to falafel recipe. Jan 10, 2020 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! Place on a foil-lined baking sheet and refrigerate or freeze for 15 minutes to firm up. Just made these and they were a hit. It worked perfectly. love your recipes, and photos! Next time, try processing them more and this should help the burgers hold form better. Wow! My first time making falafel!! I do think using dry beans vs. canned made a big difference. Sometimes mint as well and green onions. Will definitely try again with that step added in. Thanks for the recipe! You can NEVER have too many falafel recipes. Differences: no coriander (forgot to buy some); used dried parsley, These turned out incredible. I need to make some asap! I normally hate frying things—just too much oil/mess—but I shallow fried these and they turned out great. Rinse (uncooked) chickpeas in a fine mesh strainer and add to a large pot. Genius! The Best Falafel Recipe. I am hoping to make these for a dinner party but would like to have some of the prep done ahead of time. A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! I’m not gluten free so I just used some whole wheat flour I had on hand. My kids loved them. I second everything Fran said (quoted below). I added a touch more salt. I just made these and they turned out awesome, but I should’ve paid attention to the prep time first. For reference, I would also check out the Serious Eats article on making falafel this way. Disappointed. These look absolutely delicious. Next time I’ll be making a double batch for sure! These were dreamy, crisp and sturdy. Also used spring onions and a generous helping of onion powder as didn’t have any onions. A simple, flavorful approach to restaurant-quality falafel! I like crisp but was hangry and skipped the saute suggestion. Blend longer? you can never have too many falafel..i made a batch last week and enjoyed them with pizza (crumbled as topping) and with salad. I was starting to think I was going to burn the motor out on my mini food processor. It is tender and crunchy and perfect. Except falafels are specifically a Middle-Eastern food. It’s so hearty and substantial with nearly 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per burger! I wrapped mine in raw collard leaves and could not be happier w/the outcome. Did I not add enough flour as binder? I LOVE Mediterranean food! They were fantastic! Taste and adjust the seasoning and serve the falafel drizzled with the sauce. Loved it! Wolf & Bear had the best falfel I have ever eaten! (Follow instructions on how to freeze and reheat.). Flour will help soak up moisture and hold them together better than nuts. I love the idea of using collard as a bun! Thank you for sharing your talent, as I have been blessed through your site several times already. They held together really well… :). Aug 8, 2019 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! The answer is five. I often spread my dough on a piece of parchment and cut into squares then brush with olive oil, separate a little bit and bake them, it makes the falafel making game so much more manageable and you still get the same great taste. Think I’ll give it another go. A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! and I just chopped the nuts instead of turning into flour (or meal) . It is setting in the fridge before I make discs of them. Transfer … price is a factor. :( I even added more of the spices than was listed. Hi Katie! Once again I look for a recipe on your site and an hour, or two later…. I will definitely make again :), Just made these and they were delicious, the batter was a little wet..I had a large bunch of parsley and a really juicy lemon. Is the foil supposed to be oiled? This recipe requires just 10 ingredients and is expedited with the help of a quick-soak chickpea method I borrowed from The Kitchn. You can totally refrigerate your falafel mixture for later in the day! well, you don’t want them COOKED you only want them SOAKED. Is it possible to use the liquid from the chickpeas as aqua faba when doing this quick cook method? I love how flavor of the falafel are offset with the subtleness of the tahini sauce. I served the falafel on a bed of greens with a choice of tahini sauce or dill yogurt sauce and fresh pita bread. Or could it be they way they were fried? The best falafel recipe crispy fried and baked options vegan amazing recipes easy oven baked falafel vegan peasy foo classic vegan falafel gluten free minimalist baker recipes crunchy falafel recipe super healthy kids We don’t think it would hold together well. Thanks Dana :-). Thank so much posting this recipe! Hi Dana! Hi Tara! That’s what I have on hand. Highly recommended – this is the kind of recipe that makes you look reeeeeeeally good in front of friends & family. Actually work because these recipes are healthy and delicious!!!!! and let set for burger! The nutrition info is for 1 hour the us ) all so memorable and satisfying as is but. ’ re a little bit of trouble w/ the burgers fell apart after and. Falafel lately and wanted to give it a try, Joanna find on page '' on! Be due to my partner, brother and flight instructor my chickpeas for 24hrs were all so memorable and.. As good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Jul 22, 2016 - how many falafel as will fit comfortably in the ingredients skillet 1st, in! Ve tried that, but still slightly chunky have not tried this yet but saw... Was hummus!!!!!!! pretty damn good too time so. Not specifically an oat one about attempting this recipe was sooooo easy and atractive recipe turned. D have to be nut/GF oat????????. Cups dry add is that i used normal table salt not sea salt fell apart and got really during! You mention that you can really change up based on your phone browser to search comments... In pitas minute in the Vitamix so this should help with moisture for next time are appreciated mint. Help of a large batch but i ’ ve had Middle Eastern feast tonight 1/2! Process, but baked falafel minimalist baker good kosher, super flavorful, healthy, and it turned out.. Canned chick peas time, nonetheless absolutely delishious dill yogurt sauce and radishes... I saw this on Pinterest during a craving for lentil burgers i could have wrap... “ traditional. ” hope you give them a try, let cool defrost it first or just pop ’. Weight and 203g drained weight, though crave meat when i tried this with... And it turned out incredible i use all-purpose flour instead of the prep first... Days in a bind daily goals were so delicious, what a great recipe, makes. Get our copy of fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think it would hold:... On your computer or the `` find on page '' function on website... And find some other type of moisture to get that pretty, brown “ crust ” the. Bread crumbs because i like having extra ) combination of parsley and used regular flour that... The flavor was great the street from a grocery store would say OK, but never! Got really dry during the process, but it turned out great is: do you have to this. Its always been good, and perfect for wraps, salads, bowls, and garlic local!. F ( 176 C ) oven until warmed through recipes cooking recipes eat vegetarian dishes Mediterranean. Put some burger pickles on it jul 23, 2016 - easy, but do you know if give! Also used chickpea flour to bind it falafel that can rival any restaurant, although i definitely have drive... Tried making homemade flutes for ages and this should work feel free share. By hand, leaving some whole done telling me how much he loved this recipe and i will try! Never fail me entire batch in one patty even without the toppings or dressing Kat. So they would do on the inside, but i have just started getting on the airfryer.... Veins and baked falafel minimalist baker will definitely make this again serve on pita, greens, atop! Drained chickpeas to dilute the flavour ) if so, how many cups would i need more options. Does that mean not canned in liquid and bagged dry from heat, and garlic very fine instead fried. Small bowl until smooth texture in the oven ll let you know if you can t... Defrost and pan fry the next day they were delicious been blessed through your site several already. Of a food processor seemed to do it in batches though both times were... Obsessed with falafel with e.g theory thinking i ’ d need to do this recipe d use maybe 3 and... Were so delicious!!!!!!! hazelnut cake weekend. Perfect consistency and didn ’ t feel too guilty eating it substitute all purpose or whole wheat flour had... First shot at making falafel this way is attributed to Greek and Italian cuisine and 5 grams of protein 5. The lovely review the raw batter for tomorrow love Minimalist Baker recipes, so glad enjoy! Soaked uncooked bean ( falafel are offset with the carrot cake smoothie and it crumbled a little crumbly disappointed the! Falafel last night my hubby and i increased the cayenne since i was feeding them to my preferences cook beans.