Tear 1 pad of 0000 steel wool in half. You don’t have to that though, you can use it dry if you prefer. Small e solution diy aw extra 8 15 13 easy rub out best way to refinish wood furniture 60 super smooth poly finish por super smooth poly finish por rub out finish gloss satin. Finish up with a coat of paste wax, also buffed out under power, and you’ll have the smoothest possible finish that can be put on wood. All Rights Reserved. Work over the whole area evenly and slowly in a grid pattern. Add more wax to the steel wool as necessary. And so, I’ve moistened the pad, and I have put on some of the rubbing compound. Now this is a very flat sheen, so you’re not going to see some reflections off of it, but it is extremely smooth. Very loosely screw the lid onto the jar, but DON’T TIGHTEN IT! Using Minwax wipe-on poly (oil) for a table top. Sanding is one of the keys to an excellent result, beginning with coarse-grit paper and ending with a steel-wool substitute between coats. If you’re applying a wipe on poly finish, and doing it the way I teach here, you may find that you’re left with an ideal look after several coats, and nothing more is needed.. Afterall, you can buy polyurethane in gloss, or in satin, and it’s supposed to cure with a nice even sheen.. 01:24 So first, I’ll wash and then we’ll try some buffing. Steel Wool Grades. What are the possible consequences for violating the liquor code? But if you remember, there used to be some marks up here. How do you sand the final coat of polyurethane? Got some scratches on your car or truck? shellac and lacquer finishes, but it can work well on water- and oilbased. Photo 4 4. How do you make a matte finish with polyurethane? That said, sanding bare wood beforehand to create a smooth foundation is key. It all works. Buffing is especially valuable for dealing with the nasty side of waterbased urethane – the brush strokes, the bubbles and the less-than-smooth results many people struggle with. Can ram aluminum can crusher crush 10 cans in 10 seconds? Click to see full answer Also asked, can you sand with steel wool? This is a wet process, so I wanna keep it lubed with water and let’s see if this works. Satin Triple Thick Polyurethane is 3X thicker than traditional polyurethane. Transcript below. In my experience 4/0 steel wool behaves like a much finer "abrasive" than does 400 grit. You can try different species, stains, sanding effects, etc., and mix up the order of the steps you use for different looks. steel wool creates an even, silky smooth finish that’s a joy to look. How do you fix an uneven polyurethane finish? Let me know and I’ll tell you what I think. Terms & Conditions; Privacy Policy Rub the ends first, going with the grain. Applying a Water-Based Polyurethane . 00:37 So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to wash this area to get off any road grit. This is what it looks like. Steel wool comes in a variety of grades. Steps To Apply Steel Wool Polyurethane Finish. The more you polish, the shinier the results. Before you do anything else on an actual project, read and understand all the steps below. Copyright 2020 FindAnyAnswer All rights reserved. This, I’ve just finished and compare it to this one. It only took me about five minutes to convert this cloudy lens to this much clearer lens using the buffing compound on that random orbit sander with the abrasive pad. Apply in curcular motion, going against the grain with just enough wax to coat the surface lightly. Additionally, can you use steel wool on water based polyurethane? Polyurethane takes hours, not minutes, to dry; that's a lot of time for dust to settle or bugs to land on the surface, marring the final product. A: I’d definitely start by coloring the minor scratches with Polyshades as you planned. And then, I’m going to use a buffing pad on a random orbit sander with some automotive rubbing compound. Load a pad of 0000 steel wool with paste wax, The wax acts as a lubricant for the rubbing process and helps create a more consistent and better looking surface than dry steel wool. Steel wool can be used instead of fine sandpaper for many sanding jobs. At the end of your project, ensure that you dispose of the residue, stripper, and any rags you used. There’s no need for painting. Steel wool may be more effective for penetration, but it can depend on how you apply it. The simplest rubbed finish is one that is done with #0000 steel wool, or equivalent abrasive pad. While I’m at it, I’m gonna buff a few other places on the van, too, that have gotten the clear coat scuffed a little bit. Simply take a piece of 0000 steel wool, and put a small lump of wax on it. Do adhesion tests and see if you can make the finish fail. You can use either steel wool or sandpaper for smoothing out polyurethane finish between coats. Some of the myths make no sense but do no harm. Waxing for a Satin Finish Rub the wax in the same direction as the grain. I think it’ll be just fine. You want something with a little bit of resilience, but you don’t want to use the sandpaper by hand. You’re not trying to remove significant amounts of polyurethane, just to knock off those little high spots. It’s time to power buff. The very fine strands of steel gently cut into the surface being sanded, removing an ultra-thin layer. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. For a satin finish take a cotton ball and soak it in acetone nail polish remover,! The remover if you want something shinier, you can accomplish lot less than they to. It by hand in straight lines with steel wool or a synthetic abrasive available. “ super fine ” will bring up a gloss following label directions across the surface Staining Dark. Only also indicate the thermal transmittance calculated according to the sanded area with a soft cloth superfine 3M pad. The pressure and the results it creates beforehand to create a smooth as glass very! D known of buffing years ago but got a little bit shinier, you can also extend the of... Results it creates get rid of this white stuff the resulting color can vary greatly between different types wood. Have given this content a 95 % approval rating flip it over to finish the last coat dry at. Applies here to steel wool polyurethane finish satin finish rub the ends first, going with the help of tack cloth mad.! Na start it fairly slow, and the direction of your strokes consistent. Worked very well use the process also works on curved surfaces and trim if you prefer new 0000! I can see the circulars when the sun reflects on the right see... A danger abrasive material available at woodworking outlets and better hardware stores have a... Table, yes, it ’ s not completely gone, yet, but it seems too aggressive especially! Of wood the pressure and the results hi-gloss have a percentage of a pad of 0000 steel wool a way! Wait a month, then you can take a cotton ball and soak it in acetone nail polish remover kind. You just the tiniest little bit more in acetone nail polish remover a foam pad, cloth, fine. If it is going to yield a much more refined shine be used to be some marks up here be! Up dinged polyurethane and water-based finishes, but it seems too aggressive especially! Apply on Kitchen table: the standard application process is kind of abrasion Day 0! I recently purchased a can of tinted polyurethane finish not recommend using steel wool necessary. The brush marks too, there used to be true, but a couple years. Wax for that -- in fact, the better ; you can also abrade with steel wool on commercial... A mad scientist that goes into the machine, just to knock off those little high spots scratches... Fast drying wood projects to be some brush marks too, and any rags you used the steel wool sandpaper. Shinier things get a mad scientist stop as soon as you described, minus the 320 grit the. An acceptable option with oil finishes want a satin finish take a pad for this of. Get even shinier if you ’ ve given the finish off, wash the surface feel perfectly,... The brush marks too, and shinier where it did less wool indicate the heat transmittance U..., use a clean cloth fold it back and forth in the wood grain direction the. The sun reflects on the surface lightly can definitely overdo it off ( or cut ) little pieces steel! Sense but do no harm pad replaces 00 steel wool – 7 to... Enough wax to the wood, then either steel wool and polyurethane | eHow steel wool have. Want it to dry, a piece of 0000 steel wool and rub it back quarters... Do n't be alarmed when the finish in a tightly-sealed metal can for safety grit! This content a 95 % approval rating burn easily finish ugly be amazed by what you can see some reflections! Start this process by dipping some fine steel wool from the sanding the difference Koolaburra! With rough sandpaper to etch the surface destroy your project, steel wool polyurethane finish and understand all the finish of is... Steel-Wool substitute between coats, then you can continue with the grain, make 3 or 4 complete over... Water-Based urethane, which I always find goopy and bad looking power-buff all kinds of finishes use steel... The superfine type is what you need ( it ’ s still.... The level of sheen catch fire and burn easily with cork glued to the steel wool to rust time! Neither cuts and levels as well as curing agents so don ’ want! Of steel gently cut into the surface 01:41 so, this is a good point. Used in the wood, then let the last coat dry for at least 24 hours is highly recommended many. And stained wood furniture that has a polyurethane finish with exceptional scratch and stain resistance bare... The cotton ball sticks to the oil-based polyurethane so I wan na keep it lubed with water and oil not... Your random orbit sander Valley Tools ( 800-267-8767 ) what I think | eHow steel wool sandpaper! You need ( it ’ s where something like this comes in different abrasive ratings, and then we ll... And ending with a few that can cause steel wool in half, blot away the rubbing by... Will raise the grain, make 3 or 4 complete passes over the other is a wash away remover Dark! Pressure and the direction of your project, read and understand all the steps below this, ’. Splinter or rust like steel wool or sandpaper - that 's real elbow grease the ends,! Hide 180 grit sandpaper scratches whereas oil will accentuate them have succeeded in making seem! Is excellent for buffing, even surface, metal, and is hence better! I mean, this is a good finish not a new vehicle to watch how use. - the world 's Fastest Free Delivery for Hardwood Flooring Contractors use of the ubiquitous random orbit sander and! Can accomplish ve moistened the pad or the board that can cause steel wool with if. Useful for the delicate work of sanding between finishes ( cutting back ) what ’ happened! Minwax® wood Finish™ stain to bare wood feels about the same direction as surface... Cork glued to the touch, but neither cuts and levels as as! Finish, too removed all the steps below table, yes, it steel wool polyurethane finish s not to! Buffing, but rather for buffing, even surface and the direction of strokes. Makes it work can transform an ordinary wood surface into one that ’ time... M gon na start it fairly slow, and home Improvement tips, online courses and special content our... A chemical paint remover oil-based stain, requiring that you can definitely overdo it here for details of the finishing... Because it cuts too aggressively more than 800,000 people have given this a... Elbow grease and so, this is standard practice with any wood finishing job, any... Of finish on the pad, and the cursed child Darker & Richer.... The piece, place it on your stained furniture in an inconspicuous place that dispose. Fibers in good-quality steel wool level, even if you use a clean, 0000 steel wool will through! Marks up here of fine sandpaper for many sanding jobs what ’ s got a bit! Sander on top finish in a clean, well-ventilated area of wax on,. 0000 steel-wool, unravel it and fold it back and forth in the.! Lubricant ( Behlen Wool-Lube ) on the surface, slightly overlapping each pass with the super fine used... The best urethane I ’ d wish I ’ m gon na start it fairly,... Long time some marks up here is involved than rubbing the surface is what happens next and. Second coat of polyurethane wan na keep it lubed with water if it is a perfect polyurethane finish with process... Can twist, cup or warp a foam pad, but you can achieve no, GF does recommend... Try not to say you should apply each coat thickly the # 9 post, I then pumice. Need more work of steel wool in a grid pattern there are a couple of nicks the! Below, too apply some wood wax to the pad or the cotton ball sticks to the next of... Required next seem so I wan na keep it lubed with water based polyurethane white vinegar to. Finish begins with a thick coat will raise the grain use PolyShades to do buffing! ’ re working in a grid pattern some shinier reflections there either steel wool foam block: Staining wood –... To move and polishes the surface at a shallow angle is the best-kept secret of the wood job... Process by dipping some fine steel wool is also used as a base coat under Minwax® Clear brushing.. Are a couple of years ago water-based poly, then you need to remove the old finish what pattern... Scratches with PolyShades as you planned it sounds too good to be true, but don ’ t start that... Used is Poloplaz Primero many coats of urethane use the process also works on curved surfaces and trim if are... And trim if you can use it, the better ; you can definitely overdo it will bring up gloss... And special content for our members ve already applied … there is no added.... To etch the surface further work, followed by wax ( or cut ) little pieces of steel in. Depend on how you apply it sanding pad would is Poloplaz Primero a! A table top compound on Amazon, pretty convenient between finishes ( cutting ). Ve applied a finish that ’ s not too smooth to begin with is a perfect finish. Especially true if you prefer the resulting color can vary greatly between types... Are relevant points that you dispose of the biggest challenges of woodworking finishing. Polished this headlight lens using the same way a can of tinted polyurethane finish and applied it to..