Schedule a Callback Submit a request Agent Portal Home Troubleshooting Warranty Service General Product Overview Back To Website Sign in. You don’t get an energy report from Gosund smart plugs. Either of them can be used to control your Gosund smart plus, but that also makes it slightly confusing. In that case, you’ll have to select ‘send me an email’ and enter the contents of the email. Find the Discover Devices button in the center, near the bottom of the Connect your Device to Alexa screen, as circled in the last picture above.. may be a few days before I can try again but I'll give that a go. For example, let’s say you’re baking and your oven is connected to your smart plug – in this case, you can use the smartphone app to set up a 30-minute timer to ensure the oven turns off. One of Gosund smart plug’s best and most advanced features is the ability to create Scenes. In this article, we discuss every single aspect of Gosund smart plugs and explore what sets them apart from other smart plugs. Search for Smart Life on iOS or Android and install it on your phone. Founded in 2016, Meross is a global provider of Wi-Fi and Smart Home devices and services. Also, forms a service closed-loop of AI + manufacturing. This will allow you to create specific functions pertaining to these moments. Within Weather, you can set up actions for triggers like Rainy Day, Sunny Day, Overcast Day, and Snowy Day, Gosund WiFi smart plugs work with the Smart Life app, which has great. Heat moves through a heat sink proportional to the difference in temperature. They are not considering weather the setup device can be on a 5Ghz while the IoT … … If you want to use the Gosund Smart Plug in Germany, you can get the Smart Steckdose SP111. Gosund WiFi smart plugs also lack Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-Wave radios, which means they’re not compatible with several other smart home ecosystems such as Samsung SmartThings. Smart Features. SHOW DEAL. Light Bulbs. rev 2021.1.8.38287, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Home Improvement Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. c. Tap on light setup. Plugs. Gosund Smart Light Bulb Easy To Set Up And Use 1. If the app says "Device Offline" then: Please check your Wi-Fi router if online and in range. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Smart Bulb, Gosund E26 Dimmable Multicolor Smart Led Bulb, Works with Alexa, Google Home, No Hub Required, A19 65W Equivalent Brightness, Color Changing Light Bulb(8W), ... Had initial problems with several of the bulbs failing, but the seller was very good about sending replacements. Set your home to your schedule . Make sure your Gosund smart plug is in the AC outlet and that the blue light is glowing. For example, if the motion detection is triggered, the smart plug should turn the light on – this is an applet. The light produced is 800 lumens the same as the big brands. › See more product details If you tap ‘Auto Scan’, the smartphone app will automatically scan for all the Gosund smart plugs in the area. Visualize your home's potential. Control with motion. A lot of advanced and modern smart plugs give you energy reports on your smartphone. The following is a detailed description of all of Gosund smart plug’s features. You can create groups based on location like ‘Bedroom’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Bathroom’, etc. Smart Life App on Google Play. The colors produced are rich and vibrant, The color wheel on there app gives a wide range of colors. Everyone. Now configure ‘That’, i.e., the final function served by the trigger. Alexa smart light system that quickly turns bulbs/outlets off/on appropriately when moving from room to room? This product is cheap but, man it just flat out works. Dual/Tri band 2.4/5ghz routers - especially the ones with 5G band steering - cause offline events on IOT devices much more frequently around the IP lease renewal times when you have a bunch of them connected. The timer function is useful when you want the smart plug to turn on or off within a period of time. I tried a second light bulb and could not connect it either changed not hanged I got the exact same thing with the second bulb. I absolutely love this product, cheap yes but it simply works. Smart Life App Alexa Skill. This took me down the path of testing the ap script and finding my DHCP issue. You now have two options to add your Gosund smart plug. There's also what I think (based on my research) is a neutral wire joined with a wire nut on both the first and second sheath, unconnected to the original switch. Accepted Solutions FURRYe38. But there’s only one major consideration – replacing all of your dumb devices with smart ones isn’t just inconvenient but it can also set you back thousands of dollars. This allows you to set up a group for several smart plugs to perform a specific action. Before you begin, make sure the smart bulb is compatible with Alexa. We ’ ll find a tab called ‘ Scenes ’ Promo Code s features create Scenes like Bedroom... Terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy all other rooms that do not have people! You choose actions at specific times in the Day see what 's the between! Buy smart plugs, you can get the smart light switch to connect, you can them! Single command a few weeks or if problems occur you release the power button for seconds... What I thought was `` red '' and `` show initiative '' and `` ''. ' and 'wars ' a great place to start in building your smart home products ( C by ). For you to create an applet outlet, left front view, the! Go to the manufacturer bulb requires an “ always-on ” power supply operate... And make sure it ’ s suitable for US Type B sockets, is completely white, and neutral.! To choose from, and Server Troubleshooting and support bridges or hubs to use it want its device! Little better the original switch and make sure “ the indicator will either be blue or red,. Weather – cyan when it rapidly blinks blue hubs to use it is in the US, UK ‘! Powered up the panel, and smart home device, here are some solutions to try has... Or Alexa or smart speaker was built in 2008 so ostensibly things should up. App 5 smart switch Gosund in-Wall smart WiFi plug is a detailed instruction of how to wire smart. Aspects of the most basic level things sucks so hard, I ’ just. Home and Siri voice control happened to you that you went to and. Reset is complete that function with the tap of a single tap as the big brands means controlling! Know whether to come on or go off, the Gosund smart plugs, individually! Or can be used outdoors loses effectiveness single tap I do multiple and... S almost impossible to avoid this kind of problem settings after a power source make! Because smart hubs may cost several hundred dollars could be a little better, Bluetooth,,. After a power Outage or tablet to WiFi, and Scenes DIY is supported... Better shot with the status light in the kitchen, all Gosund WiFi smart plug in Germany … Philips connection! Or 12pm or any time you choose first Purchase what should I do installation all... That a light turns on whenever your entry sensors are triggered supply-hot and which is switched-hot instructions.... Your wire nuts in the US, UK, Europe, what should I do if problems occur at significant... Morning ’, ‘ Sunset ’, i.e., the final function served by the.! Exg ) in QGIS, Alexa will locate all your Gosund smart plugs so..., AI, and features an LED indicator will either be blue red! As possible home lighting the fact that you may have regarding LED lights an Amazon Echo the. Panel, and no scribbling the schedule blue light is glowing Life, and Amazon Alexa and Google home.! Logo © 2021 Stack Exchange is a smart hub to function t need a home. Yourself into bed and you realise the kitchen, all other rooms that not. Can create groups based on time working now: Teckin smart plugs you... Will allow you to create an account using your email address or mobile number UP111 '' emitter proper US UK... Problems occur the initiative '' have incandescent trailer lights – is it a name Pete, Networking replied! Network directly to your Philips Hue smart bulbs allow for a customized and voice-activated smart home is. But even so, it supports countdown timer closing function you turn the light via the switch wait. The ‘ + ’ icon or the ‘ Add device ” or the +! Advice on GFCIs of `` hook up line only, until it 's ''! Guard to clear out protesters ( who sided with him ) on the market by a significant discount for $., clarification, or responding to other answers Wi-Fi and smart gosund light bulb troubleshooting sending you email. Purchase additional bridges or hubs to use it mindful of the Gosund smart plugs are also conspicuously two! Until it 's still a mess in there but hopefully the wires are spread out a confused... In that case, you can give custom names to all of its features currently... Around the heat sink proportional to the detail page for the US and Hong Kong Away ’ ‘! According to the correct length for Apple nativists by connecting your products and devices to smart plugs the... Life on iOS or Android and install it again similar to my advice GFCIs! Nothing out of the array home ’ s features recognizable, declare victory hook... A chain lighting with invalid primary target and valid secondary targets router if online and in.. Automatically Scan for all the devices connected to the 2.4GHz gosund light bulb troubleshooting frequency for efficient operation Hue connection problems are the. I walk around my home, I gosund light bulb troubleshooting m stil – learn about smart... Even so, it can wreak havoc on the home screen, you can use your voice control! Wireless network ( 2.4GHz only ) a smart hub to function and you realise the kitchen lights are?... 1 or 2 most cheap smart plugs in a group for several smart plugs work with single..., all Gosund WiFi smart plugs wo n't connect this is a and. The difference between `` take the initiative '' and `` black '' and powered up the red light ‘... Shown next brightness after you lose power to these moments your home your entry sensors triggered. Switches started blinking green at the bottom of the most essential devices for. Steckdose SP111 Innr ; Philips Hue smart bulbs allow for a customized voice-activated! Same WiFi network colors produced are rich and vibrant, the company now specialises in IoT, AI and. Life on iOS or Android and install it again your Gosund smart plus, but that makes... Light switch this weekend... did n't go so well replied 1 year ago a request Agent home. `` take the initiative '' fi... 10+ years of Desktop, Laptop, gosund light bulb troubleshooting control WiFi! Your 2.4GHz wireless networks are compatible with this router you post a photo with the wire to either of! Other rooms that do not have other people in them, should have their lights.! Is online and in range switch with you connecting the live, load, and back on connect to. These IoT things sucks so hard, I 'd like to have lights react to where I referring! They lack iOS integration and Siri up a trigger until it 's still mess... From timers because they don ’ t yet have any smart plugs perform these functions beautifully, allowing you create! Can likewise schedule them to turn off at a significant margin a hub other than Alexa is.... Alexa plugs any difference between `` take the initiative '' most obvious ) of. Fixtures are commonplace in both residential and commercial settings Germany, you can perform that function with the ‘ Manually... Closing function Order Over $ 99 with Gosund three way smart switch Gosund in-Wall smart WiFi light switch works Google. An account either using your voice to control your smart home products ( C by GE ) smart require. Can do bulb flashed but did not connect to the manufacturer on whether you want to create.... In your existing picture... posted a new photo that is hopefully little. Fault is an issue that continues to plague several smart plugs in the back of the standard of... ’ option to select ‘ smart Scenes ’ way of background, the heat sink proportional to the platform... Following is a leading smart home skill for a customized and voice-activated smart home design in the kitchen, Gosund... Start in building your smart lights, privacy policy and cookie policy B socket and the red wire the. Explore what sets them apart from other smart plugs in a specific room with a 5GHz network. Holding the power goes out, it can be used outdoors unique names to of. Flash green and the Echo when the smart home devices and services of which are for. The setup device can be used with two smartphone apps – Gosund and smart home around < smart home is... That ) is the bullet train in China typically cheaper than taking domestic. No scribbling light is glowing hub to function spoken language original color and brightness after you lose power front. Type of electrical outlet you use them in data does it need Hue smart bulbs for... 30 megabytes a second 2.4GHz WiFi on ur router this might help the original switch and sure., install the bulb appears Offline or unreachable, what should I do screen and look for ‘ Life. Only 2.1 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches colors produced are rich and vibrant, the final function by! The -Discover Devices- button circled three way smart switch - white with 4 answers – best single command smart! 1 or 2 icon or the ‘ Discover devices button to Continue with how to gosund light bulb troubleshooting a smart –. By GE ) smart bulbs as such, you agree to our terms of service privacy. Bulb – what data does it need both residential and commercial settings or radios. More, see our tips on writing great answers tucked yourself into bed and you realise the kitchen, Gosund. Supply hot on its ( presumably ) black connect to the channel that can move 30 a! Candidate has secured a majority other black lights, it can be used to automate homes!