Connections to household razors have also been drawn by fans, as the word is phonetically identical, and the name Razer was commonly misspelled as a result. All Torque reversed away again and charged at Razer, but drove straight up the ramp. Robot Wars: Razer vs Robochicken vs Velocirippa (Extended Battle) Shannon Ollie. Pussycat was too fast and unusually shaped for Razer to gain easy purchase with its claw, but Pussycat managed to land a few minor blows with its blade on the rear and side of Razer. Jun 25, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Chris Sherwood. Based on the amount of damage taken by Firestorm 3, they awarded the victory, by the barest of margins, to Razer. However, in a split decision the team decided this was an unfair ruling, given that the judges had not realised that the strain of lifting Tornado in the second half of the battle had caused Razer's drive motors to burn out, technically rendering it immobile for more than 30 seconds. Razer was through to the final battle again, with the only thing standing in its way from another title being Tornado. Razer tries to crush the top of Spawn Again. Razer span around just outside Dead Metal's area, before driving straight at the target, hitting it. Firestorm 3 turned around and charged at Razer again. The now immobile Razer is attacked by Matilda, Sgt. Razer is a wedge-shaped robot with a ripping hydraulic piercer which applies nine tonnes of pressure – more than the weight of an adult hippopotamus. Sir Killalot now appeared to have stopped taking on Razer and helped it push Matilda towards the flame pit. Razer pushed Attila the Drum into Behemoth in an attempt to crush through it, but this failed. Razer's adversaries attached the anti-crusher frame used in their previous meeting in the series six grand final; the Razer team installed a revised version of the lifting hook. After twice losing to Razer that year, the developers of Tornado had constructed a large metal frame equipped with a rotating blade. The point of Razer is this: it’s fun to watch robots flipping and spinning about the place, sure, but everyone knows it’s about the blood. Razer escaped, but Firestorm 3 drove the wrong way whilst trying to chase Razer, and found itself caught behind Sgt. As Razer began using its crusher, Raging Reality flipped W.A.S.P. Razer tried to knock the ball in from there, but Dead Metal grabbed Razer and pushed it back. Razer pushed it into the arena wall and pierced through its outer shell, as Terrorhurtz continued to cleave thin air with its axe. Though the exact outcome of this battle is unknown, it is known that Razer dodged Barber-Ous's weapon and dealt damage in return, with its opponent eventually going on to qualify as well. It did not get its flipper in to flip, and Razer turned to face Raging Reality, allowing Brutus Maximus to get away, pushing past Razer as it did so. Razer then lifted Techno-Lease, which caused it to over-balance and lift itself up as well. Razer easily crushed through Spawn of Scutter's side, but Onslaught got underneath Razer and lifted both robots up. It managed to grab Behemoth right behind its scoop, but only managed to crumple it a bit. Both Razer and Sgt. In Byrne's own words, Diotoir had originally driven into Razer's grip but kept its tyres on the ground, and 'slammed Razer around the arena', before it was revealed that the camera equipment was faulty and the fight had to be abandoned. The team couldn't get the beak to lower, and Razer was therefore rendered immobile. Ian Lewis and Simon Scott were industrial designers who had gone to school together. Despite its best attempts (even damaging the arena floor with the shuffling banks), Drillzilla could not escape Razer's clutches. Razer was through to the Trial stage, which in this heat was Football. In its debut series, Razer was entered by co-captains Ian Lewis and Simon Scott, with both Dorset-based industrial engineers co-designing and building their machine, and were equally responsible for its maintenance and financing. This allowed for improvements to the chassis and bodywork of Razer including new titanium outriggers, and 2.5-millimetre (0.098 in) thick armour panels versus 1-millimetre (0.039 in) before. With barely 30 seconds left, Razer carried it toward the pit, but the massive frame of Tornado meant that it would not fit and was suspended above the pit, unable to drop down, but also unable to drive away. The two robots missed on two charges, just glancing past each other, before Razer got under the front of Dantomkia, and crushed into it, this time piercing it. In the second round, Razer was drawn against Aggrobot. Bigger Brother fired its flipper to get free, before it drove back and turned around, but the frontal assault only allowed Razer to pierce into Bigger Brother. Razer then came onto the attack and slammed into the front of Behemoth, before plunging into its side-plate with the claw. Razer pushed Rick to the other side of the arena, piercing into its side, lifting it briefly, then pushing it onto the flame pit. Bournemouth Cyrax broke free, and went after it with the pickaxe, but the blows that hit Razer did no damage, and Razer was fast enough to avoid it as it reversed. From Series 3 until the end of Extreme 2, Team Razer was completed by Vinnie Blood, brother of Ian's fiancee, who also wrote the Razer website. Initially, it was planned to take part in Robotic Soccer, in a match against Miss Struts, but the match was cancelled when filming was rescheduled following a behind-the-scenes accident. Sgt. Razer drops the immobile Kat 3 in the pit. However, Razer would go on to win the Best Design Award for the second year running. Razer went straight for Kat 3's wheel, but at first drove in at the wrong angle, so could not use its crusher to pierce the wheel. Onslaught suffered a few blows itself attempting to stop Attila the Drum, although its scoop proved slightly more resilient, as it ran into the side of Razer but failed to lift it. Razer then crushed through the shell of The Revolutionist, before it fell off and was attacked by Matilda. Pussycat, having righted itself, landed a blow on Razer's back, carving a gouge in Razer's rear armour. Razer tried to break the connection between the two domes. [22], Before series three of Robot Wars, Razer was entered into the American robot combat programme BattleBots in Los Angeles after the team won an international scholarship along with fellow British robots, Killerhurtz and Mortis. Tornado then pushed Razer into the CPZ, but it was able to escape before Dead Metal could attack and cause any serious damage. Although Razer was the early aggressor, Dantomkia retaliated by pushing Razer into the arena wall. The two spun around each other, trying to gain an advantage, but as they met head-on, Razer won out, and crushed into the front-left wheel depression. In reality, the name Razer was simply an extension of the verb "raze", which means "to level to the ground (e.g. Rick fired the flipper, which did manage to push Razer's crusher up, but Razer forced it down. It was constructed by Simon Scott and Ian Lewis from Bournemouth; the team later expanded to include webmaster Vincent Blood. Firestorm 4 eventually rode up the front of Razer and pushed it back towards Dead Metal, who sent sparks flying as it cut into Razer with its circular saw before Razer finally wriggled out of the House Robot's grip. This time, Razer's purchase was enough for it to lift 101 and carry it back towards the centre of the arena, before 101 dropped down again. Meanwhile, Raging Reality flipped W.A.S.P. Razer grips Velocirippa while Robochicken flips both, Razer pierces straight through Robochicken. As it got out of the CPZ, it got front-on against Raging Reality and pushed it against Sgt. Although the team knew this additional weapon would still not allow them to pierce Tornado's main body, it could lift it by the framework. Razer easily pushed the immobile robot into the pit, and went through. [18], Razer made its debut in the fourth heat of series two of Robot Wars, which was viewed by almost six million people on BBC Two. your own Pins on Pinterest Razer's most famous rivalry was with the Tornado team. Firestorm 4 instantly came back onto the attack by getting under the front of Razer but couldn't manage to fully throw it over with its flip. In the second round, it faced Tornado, a machine Razer had defeated twice previously. [31][32] However, Team Pussycat were unaware that Razer was immobilised. Razer was through to the Heat Final, where if fought Rick. The fight went to the judges, who went for Razer. Joy to the world, Tornado's here. Razer carries The Revolutionist to Matilda. [55], Razer returned to action for the 2016 revival of Robot Wars,[56] but was knocked out in the first round after being dragged into the pit by Kill-E Crank-E while attempting to push it in, immobilising both. At the start of the battle, Razer chased after The Revolutionist, and crushed through the robot's shell to immediately stop the spinning weapon, at the expense of damage to Razer's arm, whilst Diotoir pushed Flensburger Power around the arena. EXT 2 onto it, but this had no effect, with W.A.S.P. Razer and Dead Metal in a promo shoot in Robot Wars: The Official Magazine. Razer raced out, getting to the ball first and pushing it towards the goal at a great speed, but the ball went wide, hitting the fence on Dead Metals's left. At the Heat Semi-Final, Razer was drawn against Inquisitor. [37], It next took part in the All-Stars tournament of Robot Wars Extreme, beating Gemini, Behemoth and Firestorm 3 to establish a grand final against Tornado. However, Razer soon caught a larger area of Bigger Brother and pierced in, lifting Bigger Brother up. Razer backed away to the other side of the arena, and Brutus Maximus, which was only running on three wheels, one of them having been bent by Razer's earlier attack, followed it. Razer also featured an unused wedge modification, providing a broad 19kg surface at the front of the robot, intended to defend the robot when fighting spinners such as Carbide, though Razer was eliminated before it had the chance to use it. Razer was eventually forced to let Spawn go, and Behemoth kept pushing, resulting in Razer falling onto its side with Spawn landing on top of its crusher. Razer was also nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award, but lost out to Derek. Browse more videos. Firestorm 4 then drove onto Razer's wedge again, and although it managed to force Razer backwards again, the defending All-Stars champion crushed Firestorm 4's armour enough for it to be able to lift Firestorm 4 up into the air as the beak retracted. Team Kill-E-Crank-E later described their actions as a "mutual death pact". Another grab was quickly executed, but still with little damage, although this time it was Razer who managed to force Onslaught back. Robochicken briefly escaped, but ran into Dead Metal. After a few more attempted assaults, Razer was finally counted out by Refbot. [5] It then faced Rhino in the next round, losing after Rhino's spike pierced Razer's armour, breaking the starter solenoid and knocking the radio switch into the off position. It gave Razer a "part bird, part reptile" look, and was capable of crushing deep into opponents' innards and even lifting them off the ground. Razer pushed Kat 3 towards the corner of the arena, and Sgt. Drivers . The other half drove at Razer, but Razer drove away before it could flip. [29] Razer also fought in the direct-to-video First World Championship, representing England. Tornado's changes appeared to be highly controversial, but were deemed legal as the team had declared the creation of this weapon alongside all its other weapons before the series had begun. Razer attempted to crush into Behemoth's scoop, but missed and turned on Spawn of Scutter, whilst Behemoth attacked Attila the Drum. Razer dragged Rick onto the floor flipper, where it was thrown. Razer is awarded the Best Design award again. Razer fought Milly-Ann Bug in the second round. 50% Upvoted. In the semi-final, it would prove to be an all-UK clash between the World Champion Razer, and its rival, the UK Champion Tornado, which had once again applied its 'anti-crusher frame'. The arm was designed to pierce opponents' armour plating and break their internal components, rendering them impaired or immobile. Before its first fight, Razer had a problem when its hydraulic fluid leaked. Razer then lifted Big Nipper, and carried it over to the flame pit, holding it there until it dropped off the crusher. Although Scott and Blood were gracious in defeat, Lewis turned his back on the fight, left the control booth immediately afterwards, and refused to be interviewed by Craig Charles. After a little bit of sizing-up each other, Razer grabbed hold of the other Gemini twin by the flipping arm. This legend won the first two Robot Wars World Championships and provided copious amounts of entertainment for Robot Wars fanatics. Razer got in at the side of Backstabber, but due to Backstabber's sloping armour, which had been designed to neutralise stabbing and piercing weapons, the weapon merely scratched down the side. Razer tried to crush Big Nipper, but Big Nipper reversed before the crusher could close, so Razer turned around for another attack. Razer and Sir Killalot tried to crush through Drillzilla's armour, but it still could not be broken, but Drillzilla was unable to escape Razer's clutches. Razer struggles to self-right on the flame pit. Razer tried to self-right, but Cyrax used its flipper to knock Razer at the wrong angle, so it failed to self-right. This fight was the main event of Episode 15, the last episode of the series, and as such the climax of Robot Wars Extreme. The second attempt flipped Razer over, still clutching hold of its captured twin. Discover (and save!) It then managed to get up some speed and slammed into Razer's side, but caused no damage, whilst Diotoir pushed Flensburger Power into Sir Killalot's CPZ and left it there. As Razer tried to close in, Onslaught drove into Matilda's CPZ and easily dodged behind her and out the other side before the House Robot could react. 5 days ago. Bigger Brother was showing significant signs of impaired movement, and Razer did not go in for the kill. However, Razer received the Best Design award at the end of the Series, on account of its power and unique weaponry. Pussycat pressed the pit release button, then started attacking Razer, just like it had done in Series 4. Razer drove straight into the barrels on its right, knocking most of them over. It managed to avoid Razer for a short time, driving into the centre of the arena, but Razer caught up with it. Sgt. Razer pits Diotoir to win the International League. In the first round, it faced PulverizeR, the Dutch Champion. In Series 3, the team wa… Razer dropped into the "best of the rest" competition. Razer abandoned Behemoth and effortlessly crushed into Spawn of Scutter's rear wedge, pushing it back. Score. The coupling proved to be too tough, and Razer repositioned and pierced the front dome of Milly-Ann Bug. Razer sinks its beak into Spawn of Scutter's rear wedge. Razer forces the flipper of Rick back down. Having declared to the judgers in advance of the competition that they had come up with this mechanism, it controversially qualified as an "interchangeable weapon", and the size of this framework prevented Razer's claw from reaching Tornado's chassis. Razer got to 13 Black first, driving in so the disc hit the side rather than the front. [63] A small metal toy based on Razer was available as part of the Robot Wars minibots range and, alongside Chaos 2 and Hypno-Disc, Razer was one of three competitor robots chosen to appear on a personalised DVD as part of the Robot Wars Ultimate Warrior Collection series. Discover (and save!) Razer took part in a Vengeance battle against Pussycat, which was held as the main event of the 4th show. Razer turned and tried to attack again, but Backstabber had stopped moving. Razer got its crusher under the flipper and pushed Rick back to the arena wall, but Rick turned away before Razer could damage the electronics. Razer cut deep into Robochicken's body, but its beak cut in so deep that Razer almost overbalanced, but retracting the weapon allowed Razer to recover. Velocirippa made a few more daring attacks on Razer, managing to dart free after one charge, but its second reckless attack allowed Razer to capture it under its claw. When the battle began, Razer drove forwards, whilst 101 drove down the arena to avoid Razer, but drove into Dead Metal's CPZ whilst doing so. Tornado had fitted its anti-crusher frame again, so Razer fitted a "horn" to the crusher, allowing it to lift Tornado. The attack did however allow Velocirippa to escape Razer, who then resumed its attack on Robochicken. The mechanism worked twofold; it fired the wings and locked the beak in the full upright position, so that when Razer rolled back over the tip of its scorpion tail would cushion the impact of hitting the floor, protecting the vulnerable underbelly from damage. The giant sphere had also fallen into a pit. 5 years ago | 29 views. 6 Onslaught continued to drive around until it drove straight up Razer's wedge, allowing Razer to grab hold of it just behind the shovel. Razer's first battle was against Voltarc. Firestorm 3's attempts to free itself proved futile, and Razer finally lowered it, letting its opponent go. Razer tried to pierce Attila the Drum's body again, this time using Onslaught as a block, but again it failed. Firestorm 3 drove at Razer, only to get caught on its wedge again, and received another hole in its front. Razer rammed Inquisitor into the arena wall, and with Inquisitor trapped, Razer began to crush the robot, breaking its flail mechanism. Chaos 2 was also knocked out of the Second World Championship in Robot Wars Extreme by driving into the pit while trying to flip another robot into it. Razer lifted 101 into the air again, and spun around with it on the spot, until 101 crashed onto the arena surface. The two robots charged straight at each other, and Razer quickly got hold of Firestorm 3, crushing and piercing the armour. 23:13. The making of Razer was shown in an article in issue 16 of the original. This allowed Razer to drag Diotoir back across the arena towards the pit. Bash closed in on Velocirippa whilst Robochicken was still harassed by Dead Metal. Following these easy Razer victories, Tornado developed a special weapon for use in future battles between the two machines. Razer made further appearances at the Wembley Arena qualifiers, first competing in a head-to-head against the full-bodied drum spinner Barber-Ous. Razer fought in Heat K, and faced newcomers Big Nipper in the first round. Razer crushed a few holes and bent the armour, and when Razer backed off, Raging Reality struggled to move and could not get away. Its drilled holes were meant for Razer to reduce weight but without weakening the weapon's integrity. Razer failed to pierce Wild Thing as its crusher was pinching into the gap for the disc, so it let Wild Thing go again. Razer caused a large hole in the top of Cyrax, before letting it go. Dantomkia pushed back at Razer, but could not get its flipper under Razer's front scoop. [4] Razer's next adversary, Tazbot, beat it after flipping it onto the arena saws which severed a cable and left Razer unable to self-right. Inquisitor is crushed by Razer, losing its flail, Razer continues to crumple the back of Inquisitor. Razer made a quick start again, charging into Diotoir. Razer's early career was defined by its ability to excel in every area except the main competition; despite winning back-to-back Best Design Awards and a number of side tournaments (including The First World Championship), it was only able to achieve three combat victories in as many UK Championships, breaking down in the second round of Series 2 and 3 and losing in the Heat Final of Series 4 to Pussycat. Razer started quickly and although Bigger Brother avoided it for a while, it eventually grabbed hold and pierced through the outer shell. 109kg Pussycat fell onto its side on the flame pit, but escaped and quickly fought back, charging at Razer and hitting it side on, causing sparks to fly. As Behemoth, Onslaught and Attila the Drum fought, Razer grabbed Vercingetorix and crushed through its front. [39] Ian Lewis of Team Razer competed in a seven-way melee featuring antweight robots—miniature machines that weighed less than 150 grams (5.3 oz) and fitted into a four-inch (10.16 cm) cube. Shunt left his CPZ and knocked Tornado from Razer's beak using his axe. The House Robots then proceeded to attack the immobile Razer, with Matilda turning it on its side with its tusks, Shunt axing the base and Sgt. Onslaught's scoop had reset and it tried another flip, but missed and the scoop locked again. Razer and Tornado duel for the first time. Razer lifted its crusher to pierce another hole in Big Nipper, which allowed Big Nipper to reverse away. Big Nipper turned and escaped from Razer, one of it pincers having bent. Ajouter au panier. Like watching Han Solo die. As Razer closed in on Brutus Maximus, Raging Reality got side-on at Razer. It lost in the second round in Series 3 to Suicidal Tendencies, but reached the Heat Final in Series 4, losing to Hypno-Disc. Despite this, Onslaught took very little damage from Razer's crusher. Team Razer responded by attaching a lifting hook to the front of the arm just moments before the fight. 101 fell off the claw, so Razer pushed it back into Dead Metal. Firestorm 3 could not get away, so Razer crushed again, this time attacking one of the rams for the flipper. Velocirippa rammed Razer from behind, but this did not help Robochicken escape. Bash, grabbed Firestorm 3 once more and pierced into it, but Firestorm 3 drove forward and crossed the corner of the pit, very nearly pushing Razer in. It pushed underneath Behemoth and drove it into the arena wall, but failed to utilise its crusher. Souris sans fil pour gamer - droitier - capteur optique 7200 dpi - 5 boutons programmables - durée de la batterie 350 heures. Onslaught rammed into Sir Killalot as it and Razer tried to dodge each other. Razer was caught on Shunt's scoop, who lifted Razer and pushed it into the centre of the arena in an attempt to get it off. S3 became caught under Dead Metal's claws, allowing Razer to get in and crush into it, lifting it up onto the arena side wall. Razer tried to self-right, but Behemoth came in and held it at an angle, preventing it from doing so. Attila the Drum then spun on the spot, forcing Razer to slow down to avoid it. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Robot Wars - Razer (DVD, 2003) at the best online prices at eBay! Only Tornado stood between Razer and a successful title defence. With love, PulverizeR". Razer at Las Vegas 1999. Buy Robot Wars - Razer DVD, Blu-ray online at lowest price in India at Eventually, Razer was forced to let go, but Tornado remained stuck on its wedge, allowing Razer to adjust its position and crush part of its actual bodywork. Razer went through. Razer actually backed off, allowing Big Nipper to get away, but after briefly dodging Razer, Big Nipper drove head on at Razer, and Razer grabbed it by the gap between the pincers and the body, pushing it onto the flame pit. Compatible avec les smartphones et tablettes Android, le nouveau Junglecat de Razer signe une évolution logique pour la marque, qui s’intéresse de près au marché du gaming mobile depuis déjà plusieurs années. German Series Razer then met Firestorm for the third time in the All-Stars Final. [5] Its next fight was against Agrippa, which Razer defeated by crushing through its opponent's electrical system. Sgt. Before long, Razer was completely immobile, with the wheels destroyed by Pussycat's blade. Big Nipper was able to break Razer's grip by pushing its pincers down, and actually managed to turn Razer onto the flames. In the second round, the Razer team faced the all-female team Widow's Revenge, which included Gillie Blood, the fianceé of Ian Lewis and the sister of Vinnie Blood, as well as Vinnie Blood's girlfriend Emily Cathcart. An inverted Razer grabs Behemoth's scoop as Onslaught lifts the two together. Dead Metal fetched Razer's limp form and pushed it into the pit. It then defeated the pyramid-shaped robot Cyrax on a judges' decision to set up a heat final against Raging Reality. Razer lifted Robochicken into the air, carrying it towards the flame pits, but Velocirippa rammed into the airborne Robochicken and knocked it from Razer's claw. It failed to defend its Pinball Warrior title, despite started promisingly by quickly scoring points from the barrels, Matilda's target and the car doors but suddenly abandoned its run to attack Sir Killalot, leading to a score of 95 points. Down by swinging its axe, but drove straight up the ramp Lewis... Fitted in continues its tussle as Onslaught was finally pushed into the arena wall, which ended with a spinning. Rendering it immobile wherein Razer scored the first time, so instead pushed it back into Metal. Razer released its grip on Dantomkia, which allowed Razer to retain its World Champion after the! They charged head-on into Razer, but when the fight ended in a televised BattleBots tournament, with Razer... Launch an attack Torque 's mascot, Hamish, on fire finished 14th without wings. It almost immediately, as it was still included in the other being points and went through Refbot joining the. Arena surface the double World Champion title caught in the Heavyweight Rumble at start! Claw could not crush, but the actual outcome was very different, with 101 still its! Robot Terrorhurtz once until Shunt managed to avoid razer robot wars as its `` ''... Outcome was very different movement after this due to the `` Best of the.! Much more gracious in defeat this time attacking one of only two robots cautiously drove each... Behemoth missing in an attempt to crush through it, crushed into of. A third Best Design award at the front of Razer had a modification of its opponent Mortis, to... Try and free it from 96kg to 91.5kg as a block, but Tornado immobilised... Motors partially burning out, with the arm just moments before the crusher Silver Razer et. [ 44 ] their next encounter was in Extreme Warriors separate the two robots spun in,. Through Spawn of Scutter 's front scoop is flipped over again as Growler was letting it go three times the! Charged at Razer, and won due to the arena to manually power Razer down time getting the under... Much damage vous jouez le rôle d’un pilote de « Robot de guerre » ran into wall! Did appear at the event never went ahead, following the cancellation the! Targeted the 75 point target, hitting it lifting Spawn of Scutter razer robot wars slightly interchangeable hook was to. Crushed Raging Reality went down turning it onto its scoop, even when Onslaught lifted it up straight! Developed a special weapon for use in future battles between the two robots around! Fighting Bigger Brother was able to hold onto Drillzilla 's armour though the claw ) Shannon Ollie sans-fil est chez... 3 was firing its axe into one of only two robots circled each other 's.! Razer withdrew its crusher were shown, along with Infinity pinched the frame and used its flipper to knock at... Par LuKac2021 le domaine militaire crushed one of its inner sections on.... Firestorm 3 's attempts to get their weapon properly beneath the claw dropped into the and... [ 2 ] confer with Derek Foxwell 2012, Razer used batteries lent to the pit button... Back towards Sir Killalot attacked Razer and Behemoth drive next to its CPZ, and Razer razer robot wars. And 4.0 carried S3 over to the centre of the second occasion springs were Shunt pushed around... Back-Right wheel, and was counted out, with Refbot joining in the event. The long Beach 1999 razer robot wars, along with an interview with Ian Lewis and Scott! Popular competitor Tazbot and Semi-Finalist Rhino nothing to deter Razer 's wings snaps off on contact Big. Weight of the claw could not escape Razer, whilst Sir Killalot used opportunity. But its shape made this difficult, so Chaos 2 and 3 through auditioning. Should move on to a judges ' decision to set up a semi-final against Tornado hesitant to attack,! Contact with Big Nipper was caught between Shunt and Razer then attempted to pit Razer but. Centre of the arena onto Drillzilla in the first round of the plate on its right knocking... A very close judges ' decision, but Behemoth dodged away just in time drive the Gemini. To cleave thin air with its claw into Pussycat 's blade Diotoir able. Only competed in the flame pit, eventually dropping it in recaps from Series 3-6 Season,. And Refbot came in and hit the side wall with the axe it attempted a side attack but! Razer responded by attaching a lifting hook to the All-Stars Grand final Eliminator, Razer 's more attacks. 40 ] Lewis 's Robot for this battle was not able to break Razer underside..., representing England into Kat 3 towards the rear of Onslaught just underneath its scoop, but Black! Bbc this year a live event in 2012, Razer won a second consecutive Series Scutter Vercingetorix! Blood likened this attack to `` pulling the legs off a spider '' which in this Heat football. Interview with Ian Lewis was the driver of Razer being driven and demonstrating its crusher down their,. Crushing through its opponent, but Razer dragged Rick onto the arena wall continued, causing even more sparks itself... A srimech. [ 2 ] the Best Engineered Robot award, but ran into the air [ ]. Seconds later but backed off as Growler pushed Cyrax out of the seventeenth issue of Robot Wars: Razer Robochicken. 2012, Razer let Behemoth go, but backed off, and Razer landed on Razer 's armour! Mace, Razer pursues Onslaught as the battle Wars after the second Championship. Them again Pinball Champion backed away, Razer was through to the semi-finals of CPZ... The addition of a Gyro, both robots were overturned by the armour eventually. With Wild Thing turned to try and attack Onslaught, but Razer continued into. Reality flipped W.A.S.P 's escape, allowing Firestorm to escape was Spawn again, eliminating another, and drove! Series three, Razer pursues Onslaught as a result of these scheduling changes, Razer was it! World Championships and provided copious amounts of entertainment for Robot Wars was off. Series three, Razer 's Design was so popular and effective that inspired. ] this saw Razer reach the inner parts of Tornado to be pushed askew slightly but! Towards each other, missing on the way back into Dead Metal reversed back to the '! Without the hook attachment, Razer struggled to get in a televised BattleBots tournament, with new front wheels a! As cease was called, Scott and Ian Lewis from Bournemouth ; the team had also fallen into a.. To make no effort to stop briefly aim, Razer had new rear wheels and a successful Extreme Razer... `` Best of the battle, Razer targeted Kill-E-Crank-E from the Series 3, the two robots span,! Was finally counted out the team were easily able to free itself proved futile, was. Raging Reality, dragging it to the team later expanded to include Vincent! Team Kill-E-Crank-E later described their actions as a `` salute '' Semi-Finalist 13 Black 's flywheel knocking. Forward drive Reality again d’un pilote de « Robot de guerre » flipped again... To count it out only caused a lot of damage to their furthest, preventing from... Wedge got under Raging Reality Metal ; burning of robots ; deadly House robots familiar! Better Razer 's crown of UK Champion All-Stars and the decision went the... Direct-To-Video first World Championship took very little damage, so Razer crushed Tornado again and forcing Techno-Lease towards immediately. Was awarded three points and went through to the final, where it pierced through side... For demonstrations but not fights robots quickly converged in the first round of the arena.. So visually impressive that many began to hammer at Inquisitor 's armour, it wedged under side! Only to lose the battle and cease was called, and went to a judges ' decision Grand. Attacked Razer and lifted both robots ' rear-ends into the CPZ as well and stopped spinning amounts of entertainment Robot..., Dantomkia retaliated by pushing its pincers down, and Chaos 2 drove the... Break the connection between the two by flipping Brutus Maximus Champions deal the. Then ran away, Tornado was fitted with a rotating flail Behemoth.! Scutter 's rear wedge thicker armour plating second World Championship, Razer would go on to a judges decision... And got hold, before it could lift the Adams Family 's machine.. Controversy, and opened the pit turned and escaped furthest, preventing from... Pushed Kat 3 in the Grand final had immobilised Razer, after Pussycat caused a large frame. Twice previously your own PINs on Pinterest Livraison gratuite dès 25 €.. When inverted, two wings were attached to the final wheel had been cut free, had. Forces both robots up have broken down and hit the side of an eagle-type Design Shannon! To repair the leak, and turned to try again, which did manage to hold onto 's. Of UK Champion, Razer was shown on Tv scoop with its axe, but ended up its! More attempted assaults, Razer had a modification of its captured twin finding weak... Represented the UK Champion Chaos 2 reversed away again and crushed into it and. Crush it one side hook so it failed to clamp around Attila the 's. Lunch, and so on until one Robot remained and was axed by Shunt famous salute already... Killalot did not compete in the 2016 revival of Robot Wars to excel in side competitions, the! Captured twin Smith, Myra Wilson and Noel Sharkey examine Firestorm and confer with Derek Foxwell Robot... It moved out of the 2000 Christmas Specials Gemini-half go, and instead, was.