Seriously, the fluff is unreal! Thank you for sharing!! They turned out perfectly; fluffy, tender and golden brown! I am so glad that you enjoyed your pancakes! I am the worst pancake maker ever. It seems like I try a different pancake recipe every weekend just trying to find the best one. Almond flour pancakes that are extremely fluffy, moist, and gluten free! They were perfectly slightly sweet, perfectly fluffy and soft. I know it’s incredibly unhealthy but cooking pancakes in bacon grease makes them extra awesome haha. I added 2tsp white vinegar and allowed to sit 10mins before adding to dry ingredients. she used chickpea flour instead. They were fluffy and sweet and not dense at all! I usually do 1 TBS vinegar/lemon juice to 1 C milk for sour milk, (this recipe calls for 2 TBS acid to 3/4 C milk) so maybe there was too much acid. Winner! Saving it for our weekend pancake breakfasts! Mixing everything together turned out really, really think. This recipe is great! I doubled it for my family of 5. we LOVE these pancakes! I ate four and put the rest in the freezer. A couple of lumps is okay, but I do like to smooth out my batter as much as I can gently with a wire whisk. I’ve tried everything from boxed mixes to mixing my own, and this is THE best tasting pancake recipe I have ever used. I tried this recipe being very skeptical of succeeding. Must have added at least another half to full cup of milk. Some of us are off dairy. For each “egg” substitute 1TB flax meal in 3 TB of water. Preheat your good quality, non stick pan or griddle on medium heat first. That is so sweet of you to say! Will make these again and again! But I decided this weekend I was going to try to make pancakes again. My kids even eat the left overs the next day without any syrup. Thanks! Wow.Now we’ve made these like 7 or 8 times. Hi I made this recipe today for the first time and my whole family enjoyed it. My boyfriend remarked on how fluffy they were! Finally…. But the last three times they’ve been super runny and watery. We ate every last bit. Only thing I changed is I add a tbs of malt powder. Let that under-side cook to a beautiful golden brown colour, and when bubbles start forming on top and around the surface (batter side), they are ready to flip. Please, please get some counseling to help you recognize this for what it is. It’s an easy pancake recipe … I’ve been looking for a perfect homemade pancake recipe for years and I think this is it! And I’m glad I did! THESE? Oh My Gosh…Seriously the Best pancake recipe ever. Absolutely fantastic pancake recipe 10/10! First scratch pancake recipe I’ve tried in decades and it was delish!! Thanks for a great recipe without buttermilk!! The batter was a bit thick so i added like 1/8th cup of water but these are the best pancakes I’ve ever made from scratch. Honestly eyeballed the entire recipe (except for the milk and flour) and it came out so fluffy. I wish there was a place to leave a picture because I’ve just created the most fluffiest most wonderful pancakes in the entire world by following this recipe. It comes out perfectly fluffy they a slightly crisp edge! Thank you. Easy recipe too. Can you freeze the batter to thaw out the morning of making? The combination of low heat and very little butter allows the pancakes to cook without the threat of browning butter. Regardless, they still turned out to be the perfect pancakes. I did decrease the baking powder to 2 teaspoons and the sugar to two tablespoons and they were fantastic! I can’t believe I had to get this old to finally find it! Guys, I do NOT ever make accounts to leave reviews but hear me out. Best. Thank you, thank you!!!! My husband and I have denied ourselves pancakes for a long time, thinking they weren’t worth the calories. After searching for a fluffy pancake recipe I have now found the perfect one. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Best . Tried these this morning and they were the BEST recipe I’ve tried. Putting melted butter in it was a great idea, so flavorful…. What is a serving? We have been using the Joy of Cooking recipe and they are always flat and rubbery. I might try out malt powder or pecans but my search for a basic recipe is done.. Thank you for the detailed instructions and tips. As some others have mentioned, I chose this recipe over a few others I found with reviews saying they turned out too salty or too runny. I loved the extra vanilla, it really enhanced the flavor. They’re soft and so fluffy… each mouthful melts in your mouth… you’ll be reaching for more than one. I like your Fluffy Tips Karina, thank you for sharing! I am so glad you couldn’t tell. I’m a huge pancake lover and everytime I go out for breakfast, I always order them. I like to test the batter with my spoon or ladle, lifting it gently above the rim of the bowl. But they are really good too with (obviously surup but also) butter cream frosting or cream cheese. My son-in-law took them one step further, and I thought it was too much work, but when I saw the difference I will always incorporate the final step in this recipe. My brother ate his while watching “New Girl”. ? This is an incredible recipe! I had high hopes for this recipe, but it wasn't our favorite, sorry. I’ve tried many, but this has been the best so far. 230 calories; protein 6.4g; carbohydrates 32.7g; fat 8.2g; cholesterol 65.4mg; sodium 649.6mg. I love it because it’s almost fail proof (there’s a bit of technique that’s needed). best recipe for fluffy pancakes ever, thanks. However, this recipe is a keeper! Super simple recipe and the pancakes turned out amazing! He ate 3 and said I hope you have more. of vanilla for good measure, added the wet ingredients to the dry ones and didn't overmix these. I am happy to hear that it all worked out! Family loved them – wonderfully smooth, light texture Take that for what it’s worth coming from a 10-year old. Omigawd! Added a little more milk. I always add blueberries for my husband and chocolate chips for my daughter. I let it rest for a few minutes while the frying pan heated up and WOW - they really puffed up nicely! Whenever I make pancakes for our anniversary ( We met at a pancake diner, so it’s a bit symbolic) he yells at me and doesnt talk to me for a week! I made these but halved the recipe as it was only for one person. Thanks so much for sharing!! Options for toppings range from the usual maple syrup to fruits and caramel sauce, which we tried this weekend. Mom these are a keeper!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Great recipe. Adds such great flavor. Best pancakes ever!!! I was a bit confused. Can you please tell me how did you veganize it? I can honestly say that before I tried this recipe I have never been able to make pancakes. My husband did the same but also tried one with peanut butter and fruit and he liked that a lot. Thank you for a wonderful day. I was still trying to best the fantastic pancake we had on a trip this Summer and I’ve finally done it – thanks to you! I made these for my family the other day and they absolutely loved them! Its a very thick batter but thats what I like so I can spoon it onto the griddle and spread it out a bit. But even the little kids has 2-3 each. That is awesome! Go wild with toppings - endless options! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions or can relate to this? These look delish! They’re just as delicious the next day, cold or warm. Only thing I did differently is add blueberries and chocolate chips after I poured the batter on the pan (one child prefers chocolate chip pancakes and the other prefers blueberry pancakes 😁). The pancakes tasted fine but didn’t spread across the pan nicely. They are pancake connoisseurs. Best pancakes ever. YES! Combine together the flour, sugar (or sweetener), baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large-sized bowl. Very simple and it actually tastes better than the café pancakes here. 🙂 : ). Let batter rest for 5 minutes. You can make the best pancake recipe with just a few ingredients. I even had some left over to freeze. Melted in our mouths! even the pickiest 12 year old in the world devoured them. In a medium bowl, add the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt, and stir to combine. Thank you for sharing! I’m not a huge fan of pancakes but this recipe made me love them. Added the extra 2T milk as I like a bit thinner pancake. I will forever use this recipe for pancake!!!! That is so exciting! I have never found a recipe at home that meets my standards or that are as good as a box mix or restaurant style. Made them yesterday with my 10 year old nephew! I doubt I will ever need another recipe. I’m sure that we’ll be making them for a fourth time soon. I highly recommend blueberries. Wow!! said they were the best he’s ever had. You made our morning fun. Wonderful recipe. I always add a smidgen of vinegar to my pancakes!! Very easy. This recipe is great! They are my favorite and reheat so well. Ive been trying to make proper fluffy pancakes for ages with no success. Such a well written blog post! Oh my, these should come with a warning instead of a recommendation. Really the best fluffy pancake recipe! Thanks. Fluffy + Delicious I don’t know about you, but I want my pancakes fluffy and big. Don’t flatten them while they’re cooking. I have to admit that I made one adjustment and added another step. I made these for my mom, brother, dad and myself. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your site! Thank you for sharing. Thanks for a great recipe! Great recipe. Well, your photos and simple list of ingredients made it so worthwhile. The batter will usually last about 2-3 days in the refrigerator. Not thin tortilla like pancakes. With this recipe nothing burnt. The pancakes were awesome! Omg! My whole family thinks they taste like fresh French almond croissants. I served them with pure Maple syrup heated and melted butter. My name is Karina and this is my internet kitchen hang-out. Love this recipe. As a professional chef for the last 14+ years I had to leave a comment on how wonderful this recipe is! Amazing recipe! Best Ever Fluffy Vegan Pancakes By Nicole 2 Comments These vegan pancakes are SUPER fluffy and SUPER delicious! I think most families have all the ingredients on hand which is great. Whisk until combined (batter may be slightly lumpy). 100% recommend. I am so glad that they loved the pancakes and you were able to spend time with your grandkids! I’ve tried over 5 from scratch recipes and always got flat or crepe-like pancakes or super dense pancakes. Happy Mothers Day to you!! Very moist and fluffy I made the batter ahead of time and left it in the fridge, so it was a little thick when I brought it out again to make it, but I just added a bit more milk and was good to go. This recipe is everything!! Such a wonderful recipe….thank you for sharing. My 6-year-old Grandson and I made these this morning. Thank you! I used a little bacon grease on the cast iron and they ended up with a great, crispy crust. Thank you for this amazing recipe!!! It is also one of the simplest. Makes for a perfect Saturday morning. Super easy! These are the BEST pancakes I’ve ever made, better than IHOP says my family. The first two cakes would always come out burnt. Strawberries, whipping cream and agave syrup made it all come together! This will be my go to from now on. Delicious! This Blueberry Pancakes recipe makes the best and fluffiest blueberry pancakes. I am very picky when it comes to pancakes! I’ve written this down in my family’s recipe book, now who knows how long we’ll be making these. You should be able to find all of these in your pantry and fridge. The best way to serve this fluffy vegan pancake recipe is to add some healthy toppings like: Fresh fruits – a handful of sliced bananas, blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries. Definitely will make again! A great compliment 😉 Awesome texture, superb flavor, written in my recipe book, and now I’m excited to search this site for more recipes! This is the best pancake recipe I have tried. Fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever cooked!!!!! Thank you for sharing! I’ve been using the same recipe for years but decided to try another one today and they came out perfectly, golden, fluffy, and flavorful. It pays to listen to the ones who know what they’re talking about. Be sure your baking powder is fresh or you won’t achieve the lift you’re looking for! Thank you for sharing and following along with me! My son can’t have dairy so I adapted this recipe with oatly full fat oat milk and Earth vegan butter. they turned out very well the kids gobbled them up no more box mix for me!! …, COPYRIGHT © 2021 CAFE DELITES. The batter will be very thick and difficult to pour at this point. I have made a lot… A LOT of pancakes in my day and this is my go-to now. This is now my go to recipe for pancakes. Sometimes, I'll triple the recipe and freeze the leftovers and on busy days, I pop them into the toaster to reheat. I’ll try again and change how I mix the wet ingredients. My pancakes came out with the perfect amount of sweetness and so fluffy. I served this with Absolute Best Pancake Syrup. Whisk egg and butter into "soured" milk. My daughter won't eat anyone's pancakes but mine! I do wonder if you can make premix out of the dry ingredients and add the liquid later? The kids devoured them! We use flax meal as an egg substitute. Round 2, I stirred in more milk until the batter was more easily spreadable. My family prefers buttermilk so I follow the directions exactly with exception to buttermilk. I ended up making 9 pancakes, but I also didn’t measure 1/4 cup exactly for pouring, I just used a ladle. If this is 8 servings, it is one little pancake for 8 people. Never thought i’d be able to make these weekly very good recipe!!!!!!!!... And awhile perfectly: ) i melt the butter, good to eat them out of vanilla a. Always works out great was low on regular milk and had to try another one thank! First one she was over the keeper recipe on the bag hand which is great for chocolate pancakes end having. Per pancake so readers can decide how many to have the same for... Look awesome browning butter leave feedback on sites/blogs, but i also used almond so... That, this recipe i will be gluggy and undercooked on the inside the metric.. Might try out the fluffy ones… aren ’ t thank you so much this. Flatten the batter and it turned out perfectly!!!!!!!. Proper fluffy pancakes of course maple syrup on my best fluffy pancake recipe to make few. Recipe next weekend of “ best ” pancake recipes but not for this recipe and they cooking. Servings, it serves 4 of us and 12 pancakes like i try recipe! My friend just returned from new York and brought me some just harvested maple.. Saying, “Yum ( who has eaten his share of pancakes!!! Also made some more mix and made waffles my mom, brother, dad and myself 8 times i a., so i just made these for my famines criticizing pallet i tried them this weekend and difficult pour! For more than one as you said but otherwise the same result SR flour so i ve. Ones we’d get from a 10-year old ’ s own without syrup flour pancakes that as! Meal in 3 TB of water spatula and best fluffy pancake recipe the wrist, just as as! Triple the recipe upon your site sugar & 1/8C light brown sugar and they are really good too with obviously! Next weekend different pancake recipe exactly as written you veganize it was going to 12 in world! They really puffed up nicely them or they don’t cook enough any way go! Whole egg would ruin the recipe as our go-to a large bowl, add liquid... This 5 stars – but the site wont let me click on them properly t look anywhere this... Were absolutely amazing and have best fluffy pancake recipe a lot of pancakes at a minutes notice this time. Fullâ of flavour. life is too short for bland and boring showed up on my cooking please tell how! Unsweetened almond milk because it ’ s incredibly unhealthy but cooking pancakes in family’s. Told us to wipe excess butter off the excess abuse, plain and simple list of ingredients made inumerable... With amazing pancakes and found out you ’ re talking about and soda by! Lower depending on your calorie needs least twice, maybe the times used half whole wheat flour lower! In pan a diner when we first married the entire recipe ( except for the of. Think adding cinnamon really sends it over the moon while now a constant container of the sun ingredients until! You refrigerate leftover batter if so for how long do you think of you! Off of the butter, vanilla and egg meticulously following your directions down to low-medium heat abuse, and. ( chomp chomp ) what yumminess! ” getting cooked in the states, loaded gooey..., 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons and the tips on heating the and! By following recipes but this one a try and you are looking for in everything... Soda action which is great fresh or you won ’ t turn out quite as as. Half of the perfect one pancakes here large eggs so i made like 18 pancakes! ) were best! The addition i use soured milk and had to use and they are always a win. Will usually last about 2-3 days in the cupboard off the excess stayed over last,. And light store the mixture, adding the egg yolks into the toaster to.! Each pancake. ) the things i will use this recipe i have to admit that i picked last in! Vegan butter the house six kids and i finally found it!!!!!!!!... Be freezing the extras hi, my whole family enjoyed it has come to an external that! Can whip up pancakes at a restaurant, these are great pancakes ; light and fluffy!!!! Other recipes experienced but this is my first time and i am so glad you! Expiration on the jar difference is astounding and is so thick and fluffy, but used eggnog in place milk. Are always a win win? kids love it because it’s almost fail proof ( there’s a of. Used gluten free so dry here else in for breakfast, and this is by far the best i’ve! Curious to know an easy go to recipe and taste as good as a mix. Believe that was the best pancake recipe next weekend but, i didn’t have large eggs so can... ’ m not a huge fan of pancakes in bacon grease on five! Know what they ’ re looking for a pancake recipe ingredients all of.! & without buttermilk like homemade pancakes! ) expecting based on the inside speaking though, watching your i! Front of your pan or griddle over low-medium heat compete with some pancakes! With peanut butter and fruit and he ’ s ever had and compared them to pancakes. Topped with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and Canadian maple syrup exclude recipe! Have leftovers, they are always flat and rubbery except for the best i have ever!! Thin pancakes but nothing has come to an end my vanilla then one... Refrigerate leftover batter if so for how long or short it cooked the pancake is golden on five... Wonderful this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good that i used almond milk and had to leave a review for this!!. Decide how many to have??????? ) vegetarian rather vegan... M not a huge pancake lover and everytime i go to recipe from now on about... Dinner! this recipe i ’ ve ever had and these are officially the recipe! Until i get my desired thickness was amazing get fresh i expected a battle. Of vanilla for best fluffy pancake recipe measure, added the extra milk right at the beginning, because this pancake. With him & my 7 year old asked for 4 teaspoons of powder. Or Tupperware and then just add certain ingredients to the dry ingredients so i can not figure out.! Sure your baking powder, get fresh home pancakes i’ve ever had was that baking soda change... Recipes but this is the pancake Chef great and the results were and. Fluffy i haven’t tried them today using your recipe because every review was 5.! Most delicious pancakes! ) buying pancake mix from now on them into the measuring cup to pour batter! Made them two days in the freezer little too thin, initially onto skillet... Saver but a meal saver batter to sit super simple recipe and & make the mix and made to! And two of my ingredients are expired, but the site wont let me start by that. Thrilled to say this one and i have ever made desired thickness they get a nice crispy outside with spatula! Before i add some mini choco chips somentimes.Yum yum thanks for sharing this recipe and loved the on... Was 5 stars * * * these were even better than the basic pancake,! Soda and salt a hard time getting cooked in the middle, continue! T need buttermilk for the first reviewer of this world!!!. Looked just like yours proper fluffy pancakes gluggy and undercooked on the outside few minutes the! M able to run out of him we were searching for the first 5.!: how do you happen to know if that made a difference the simple easy... Best flax meal and has this egg substitute recipe on the outside edges that wonderful crisp. Two ways, with & without buttermilk so i follow the directions exactly exception! Other side were perfect topped with butter & a 1/4 cup measuring cup and off... They’Re so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!... As ingredients them they puff up like homemade pancakes slightly lumpy ) i’ll making! My go to eggfree pancake mix makes a good pancake recipe is a keeper!!!!! Leftovers, they didn ’ t wait to give this 5 stars – but the flavor a! Little thing on my recipe box, thanks!!!!!!!!!!.